Put the power of lightening quick small package dimensioning to work for you. FS PARCEL delivers NTEP-certified measurements of boxes, tubes, poly envelopes, bags and other irregular-shaped objects in under a second. A valuable addition to any warehouse or office setting, FS PARCEL can help you improve your team’s efficiency, ensure accurate measurements, obtain more exact shipping quotes and ultimately lower your cost of doing business.

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NTEP-Certified Accuracy Height: ±0.635cm | Width/Length ±1.27cm
Maximum Measurement Size Length: 120cm | Width: 90cm | Height: 100cm
Minimum Measurement Size Length: 16cm | Width: 16cm | Height: 8cm
Scan Time Less than a second

FS PARCEL is high on performance and low on price, offering users powerful measurement capabilities and flexible integration with existing WMS and back office software. Not only that, but FS PARCEL comes equipped with our FS ShipManager software, which allows you shop quotes and print labels from major package handlers like Fedex, UPS and USPS in just a few clicks. If you’re looking for an all-in-one shipping station, FS PARCEL could be the perfect solution.

Measures cubic and irregular shapes Yes
Handles any color and package material Yes
Requires special alignment of packages No
Captures a photo of freight for documentation Yes

FS PARCEL can be installed over the top of virtually any level surface, including tables, work benches, conveyor belts, roller belts, package scales and more. Assembling the unit is quick and easy, and operation is intuitive. Within minutes, you’ll be ready to dimension your small package shipments and start collecting valuable dimensional data.

Common installation environments Warehouses, offices & other package prep areas
Fully assembled dimensions Width: 51cm| Depth: 71cm | Height: 338cm
Required height of sensor above surface 230cm
Electrical requirements 110-240V power source
Measurement surface Avoid overly-shiny or black surfaces for best results
Option to add package scale Yes
Option to add bench scale Yes
Operating temperature 10°C – 40°C

FreightSnap offers three options for storing the data collected by your dimensioner. A brief description of each is listed below. For more detailed information, visit our data storage and management options page. You may also contact us at any time with questions.

Private Account on the Shared Cloud Send your data to a private account on our shared cloud. Storage is hosted and managed by FreightSnap.
Private Cloud Send your data to a private cloud exclusive to your business. Storage is hosted and managed by FreightSnap.
Client Server Send your data directly to your company’s servers.


FreightSnap has developed two convenient methods for initiating scans from your dimensioner. Choose the option that works best for your workflow.


Recommended for companies who don’t use barcodes to inventory their freight. The triggering app comes pre-installed on a mobile device or computer, either of which can be placed at a workstation near the dimensioner, or installed on the forklifts in your operation.

How it works:

  • Drop your freight under the dimensioner
  • Type in the ID# tied to your freight & click “Scan”
  • Seconds later, the measurements, photos & weight are automatically sent to your desired system

Recommended for companies who use barcodes to inventory their freight. Outfit each forklift with its own barcode scanner, or place a scanner at a nearby workstation to maximize throughput.

How it works:

  • Drop your freight under the dimensioner
  • Scan the barcode tied to your freight
  • Seconds later, the measurements, photos & weight are automatically sent to your desired system


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