Capture Weight to Instantly
Calculate Density and Cube

FreightSnap dimensioners allow you to instantly and automatically capture weight from floor scales, forklift scales and parcel scales to calculate density and cube. Simply just integrate our equipment with your weighting scale.

Parcel Scale Integration


The process for integrating with a small package scale is the same one we use to integrate with large freight scales. Simply purchase one of our pre-integrated scale indicators, which are compatible with most small package scales. Set up is easy.


FreightSnap parcel and pallet dimensioners can be used in combination with other warehouse equipment to optimize the efficiency of your operation.

Want to measure, weigh and wrap your freight at one location? FreightSnap pallet dimensioners can be installed over most pallet wrappers to create an all-in-one freight tendering station.
FreightSnap parcel and pallet measuring solutions can be installed over conveyor systems to work with the automation you already have in place.

All FreightSnap dimensioners can be configured to trigger freight scans in two different ways:

  • Initiate the dimensioner by scanning a barcode tied to your shipment
  • Initiate the dimensioner by manually typing your shipment’s ID# into our triggering app

FreightSnap is the industry’s best value & affordable dimensioning solution and can cost as little as a third of the price of other pallet cubing solutions. Contact us now to learn more on how FreightSnap can help your business.