No Matter What Cargo is

It’s true that early on some dimensioner technologies struggled to measure freight packaged in black or reflective shrink wraps but those challenges have been overcome. FreightSnap can help you make these issues a thing of the past.

Today, FreightSnap dimensioner is very powerful and proficient at:

  • Measuring a wide range of freight sizes
  • Measuring cubic objects
  • Measuring irregular-shaped objects
  • Measuring freight of any color
  • Measuring freight wrapped in black or glossy shrink wraps
  • Measuring freight of different materials (plastic, metal and wood)
  • Measuring freight in all indoor lighting conditions
  • Measuring freight quickly
FreightSnap is the industry’s best value & affordable dimensioning solution and can cost as little as a third of the price of other pallet cubing solutions. Contact us now to learn more on how FreightSnap can increase your efficiency at work.